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December 3, 2018 | Nasdaq MarketSite | New York City


Fearless in FinTech will bring together a majority female speaker faculty and audience from the forefront of start-ups, investment firms and established organizations in the Financial Services space to share their ideas for advancing the industry, strategies for effective collaboration, and their visions for the future of Financial Services.

Innovative Discussions & Actionable Insights

The summit will ask the hard-hitting questions about representation, inclusion and innovation in leadership that have yet to be explored. You’ll leave with practical, actionable, board-room ready strategies that can drive change in your organization.

Case Studies & Keynotes

Get an inside look into adapting, preparing and innovating for the future through exclusive keynotes and case studies, brought to you by fearless female leaders in the industry.

Unrivaled Networking Opportunities

Connect with and learn about the latest challenges and strategies in finance and fintech from senior executives and fellow industry enthusiasts. We build in plenty of networking time so you can build the business relationships that are key to success.



Linda Apsley

Capital One

VP Data Engineering


Jennifer Barrett


Chief Education Officer


Lori Bieda

Bank of Montreal

Chief Data Governance Officer & CPO


Diana Lee Caplinger


SVP & Head of Marketing Technology


Rachel Carpenter


Co-Founder & CEO


Ande Frazier

Penn Mutual

Vice President of Distribution


Claire Goldwitz

Stash Invest

VP Product


Steve Hollingworth

Grameen Foundation



Xenia Lane


SVP Omnichannel Analytics


Elena Mesropyan


Global Head of Content


Carey O’Connor Kolaja

Citi FinTech

Global Chief Product Officer


Tricia Rothschild


Chief Product Officer


Joy Schoffler

Casoro Capital

Chief Strategy Officer


Abby Schneiderman

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Niharika Shah

Prudential Financial

VP, Head of Brand Marketing & Advertising


Della Shea


VP of Data Governance and Chief Privacy Officer


Ambre Soubiran




Yuliya Tarasava


Co-Founder, COO


Quyen Truong

Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP



Registration & Networking Breakfast


Chair’s Welcome


Opening Keynote: Redefining Leadership around Uncertainty and Disruption

The traditional leadership model is being thrown out by the leading Financial Institutions to promote constant innovation and competitiveness in today’s uncertain and increasingly digital financial landscape. Leaders must proactively identify and adapt to build a strong network of advocates, prepare the leaders of tomorrow and elevate or maintain their influence. Learn how leadership has been redefined by the world’s leading financial institutions.

  • Tricia Rothschild, Chief Product Officer, Morningstar


Fintech Solution Spotlight

What can you learn in 15 minutes? Three speakers will attempt to dissect persistently recurring fintech topics via intensive twenty minute presentations that will leave you ignited with interest and ready to keep the conversations going well right through the break.

    • Next Generation Regtech
    • Cyber Security and the New Payment Ecosystem
    • Integrating Compliance into Customer-Centricity


Morning Networking Break


Evolving to Meet the Needs of an Increasingly Complex Customer Base

The world is seeing a proliferation of disruptions to financial services every day and in turn a growing pressure on financial business leaders to expand their service offerings in order to retain and attract new customers. Take a deep dive into customer financial behaviors, where they are heading and how to meet them in the right place at the right time.

  • Jennifer Barrette, Chief Education Officer at Acorns & Editor in Chief at Grow
  • Abby Schneiderman, Co-Founder & CEO,


Collaborating to Compete: When Fintech Start-Ups meet Enterprise Financial Institutions

The Financial Institutions who do not consistently add to the experience and capabilities of their organizations risk losing out to the less expensive, or even free, competitors. But what happens when fintech start-ups partner with enterprise-level financial institutions? Unpresented Innovation. Learn how to determine who to partner with, create a detailed execution strategy and justification to gain internal buy-in, and define the best practices for creating a collaborative model for constant improvement.

  • Moderator: Elena Mesropyan, Global Head of Content, MEDICI​


Case Study: Driving Innovation from Within an Incumbent Institution

Today banks are at an inflection point. Customer expectations have shifted and will continue to change. At the same time, large incumbent financial institutions are facing increased competition from nimble and less-regulated startups launching new solutions that are competing for customers. In order to address these challenges, banks must disrupt their own processes and work more closely with their customers to deliver impactful digital solutions. Learn how Citi is co-creating with customers and re-writing the traditional operating model to design, build and deliver new capabilities.

  • Carey O'Connor Kolaja, Global Chief Product Officer, Citi FinTech




Panel Discussion: Leading the Data Transformation from A to Z

When it comes to money in today’s digital world, the real value is in the data. To leverage the data's full potential, it requires a transformation. Leading a data transformation takes not only fearlessness but measured intellect. How do you culturally move the company? How are various teams using the data? How do you handle regulatory problems? Hear how these leaders have successfully leveraged the value of their data and transformed.

  • Linda Apsley, VP Data Engineering, Capital One


Financial Business Model Innovation

With constant changes to the financial landscape, there is a need to identify a model that can evolve with the times. In this session learn how financial business models of the future can be adapted to fit the unique needs of your organization, the tools needed and the requirements of leadership in for driving the new model.

  • Joy Schoffler, Chief Strategy Officer, Casoro Capital


Men’s Panel Discussion: Visions for the Future of Leadership in Financial Services and Fintech

Many financial services and fintech conferences feature a women’s panel, but it’s time to switch the dynamics. In this panel discussion featuring male leaders, they will share their plans and thoughts on where there are still problems, what they are doing, and where they see opportunities for women that men otherwise could not fill.

  • Steve Hollingworth, President and CEO, Grameen Foundation


Networking Break


Case Studies in Fintech Intraprenuership and Entrepreneurship

To get ahead in today’s fast-moving financial landscape, leaders always need to be ahead of the game and ready for the next wave of disruption. Learn how innovative leaders are preparing for the unknown, adapting to compete, building influence and gaining resources to execute their strategic vision.

Case Study #1: Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial mindset is one which never rests and discovers  unprecedented opportunities at every corner. This is the mindset that is required for financial leaders to succeed. Hear the framework Rachel Carpenter has created for continuously uncovering gaps in the market, driving change and increasing the competition.
  • Rachel Carpenter, Co-Founder & CEO, Intrinio

Case Study #2: Intraprenuership

As companies are facing the threat of disruption from the outside, many are taking a bold approach to disrupting from within by building a team of intrapreneurs to drive innovation. Using the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop as a way to develop new products and services with fast iteration and customer insight, even established companies can gain momentum by leveraging these concepts internally throughout their organizations. In this case study, you will discover the pitfalls and keys to success in building an internal innovation lab to drive transformation and create new sustainable sources of growth within a 171 year old insurance company.
  • Ande Frazier, VP Distribution at Penn Mutual & Head of Vision and Brand at myWorth LLC


Integrating New Hires and Preparing the Leaders of Tomorrow

The next generation workforce has grown up in a constant state of change, meaning the approaches to learning and thus teaching need to adapt with them, and leaders need to follow these shift to maintain an competitive and innovative workforce. In this discussion leaders will experience and gain an understanding of the best tools and approaches to guiding their successors and creating a culture of continuous improvement.


Disruptive Thinking Workshop: Agility, Adaptability & Creativity

The key to success in the rapidly shifting financial space is have a mindset that goes beyond traditional ways of thinking and out-maneuvers the others. In this interactive discussion, leveraging the brightest minds of fintech innovators, discover how and where you can adopt a disruptive mindset to progress your career as soon as you leave the conference.

  • Yuliya Tarasava, Co-Founder and COO, CNote
  • Diana Lee Caplinger, SVP & Head of Marketing Technology, SunTrust
  • Xenia Lane, SVP Omnichannel Analytics, SunTrust


Closing Comments


The Happiest Hour & Awards Celebration

Use this time to solidify the budding relationships with your fellow attendees in order to build a supportive network that will last your career.






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