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Registration & Networking Breakfast

Morning Networking Activity

Chair’s Welcome

  • Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer, MX
  • Obrea Poindexter, Partner, Morrison Foerster


Opening Keynote Igniting Creativity and Inspiring Teams With Fearless Leadership

Build a team ready to rise beyond traditional KPIs to create an emotional connection with your customers that connects your products to their lives. These truly innovative ideas come when your team feels they can take risks and knows you have their back. Take a look at ways to redefine success with a fearless team that isn’t afraid to fail.

  • Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing & PR Officer, Ally Financial


Panel Discussion: Powering Financial Innovation with Regulatory Know-How

Financial technology companies are focused on innovative ways to provide financial services, but unlike other technology companies, fintech companies must navigate and learn to thrive in a highly regulated environment.  In this session, hear from fintech companies and fintech lawyers about lessons learned on how to best marry innovation with regulation.

  • Moderator: Susan Gault-Brown, Financial Services Partner, Investment Management Group Chair, and Blockchain Group Co-Chair, Morrison & Foerster
  • Michele Murphy, VP, Legal, Visa
  • Annemarie Tierney, Principal, Liquid Advisors
  • Cyndi Rodriguez, CLO, Sharespost
  • Liz Sessler, VP, CapShift


Morning Networking Break

Legal parameters for fintech execs and bankers to consider when innovating in financial services. A candid discussion of ‘watchouts’ in IP, data, privacy and regulation

  • Rebecca Moulton, Corporate Counsel, MX
  • Ramona Ortega, Founder, My Money My Future


Roundtable Discussions

Take advantage of this event’s peer to peer learning design, but joining a small group discussion about a topic relevant to you and your priorities. These conversations will allow for collaborative problem solving and meaningful relationship building. Topics: Designing an Evolving Equation for Fintech Evaluation

  • Suha Zehl, Chief Information Officer, Guidance Residential
Finding a Community of Peers as a Senior Executive
  • Monica Murthy, Director, NY Community, #HowSheWorks
Turning Relationships into Profitable Partnerships
  • Michelle Tran, Founder, NYC FinTech Women
Understanding how to Work Successfully with Banks
  • Krista Edmunds, BI Innovation Officer, Barclays
Rewriting the Narrative Power of Creative Destruction
  • Sabrina Tharani, Director, Product Development, Mastercard
Tech Driven Partnership Strategy
  • Stephanie Perez, Strategic Partnerships Lead, R3


Networking Luncheon

Afternoon Keynote: Driving Customer-Centricity Across Industries With Banking-As-A-Service

The financial technology industry is all about attracting, engaging and retaining customers. The ultimate question is “how are we going to attract customers in a different way and how are they going to consume and engage with us in a much more customer-centric way than in previous generations?” In this session, learn about the shifts that are taking place in consumers’ needs and behaviors as it relates to banking. Additionally, hear how BankMobile has evolved to address consumer pain-points, the unique business innovation model they created to help drive customer engagement with their various partners outside of the finance industry, and lessons learned along the way.

  • Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Strategy, BankMobile


The Future of Payments: Swiping a Card or Swiping Open an App?

Payment innovation holds the power to change shopping behavior and impact the fintech industry, including the fuel and convenience industry. 99% of the gasoline purchases per year in the U.S. are made by swiping a credit card at the pump or paying with cash. In 2017, GasBuddy launched the first brand-agnostic payments product attracting nearly 500,000 members and collectively saving drivers $5 million at the pumps — using a card controlled from the GasBuddy app. In this session, GasBuddy CEO Sarah McCrary will discuss how creating context between the purchase and the payment type is key to activating mobile payments in an industry where the rate of change is glacial.

  • Sarah McCrary, CEO, GasBuddy 

Panel Discussion – A Review of Regulatory Hot Topics that Could Impact your Business

Obrea Poindexter and Sean Ruff will outline current Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enforcement actions, payday lending rules, definitions of abusive practices and other rules/topics that are likely to impact FinTech and Financial Services Organizations. They will also cover the OCC FinTech Charter and DBO enforcement priorities. Finally, we will discuss the regulatory focus and risk of using models, AI, and machine learning for underwriting, servicing, and collection.

  • Obrea Poindexter, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Sean Ruff, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Richard Fischer, Senior Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Afternoon Break

Case Studies in Fintech Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship

To get ahead in today’s fast-moving financial landscape, leaders need to be ahead of the game and ready for the next wave of disruption. Supplemented by two 10-minute case studies, and a Q&A, learn how these innovative leaders are preparing for the unknown, adapting to compete, building influence and gaining resources to execute their strategic vision.

  • Vickie Sherman, SVP, Director of Integrated Marketing, Rabobank NA

A Primer on Industrial Banks and the Opportunity for FinTechs

To access lower cost, stable funding in the form of deposits, FinTech companies, particularly those involved in lending or payments processing, may be interested in pursuing a bank charter.  But to many FinTechs, a traditional bank charter is not practical given the restrictions on nonbanking activities that generally apply to a bank’s controlling shareholders under federal law. In this presentation, learn about one chartering option, the industrial bank charter, that is gaining a lot of interest in the FinTech industry because it has the potential to enable companies to receive deposits without implicating these restrictions.

  • Mark Sobin, Associate, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Collaborating to Compete Conversation Personalizing Products for an Evolving Customer

Customers of modern-day financial services have higher expectations than ever before in history and those expectations grow more by the day. To add to this complexity, customers are changing their behaviors just as frequently. Join this discussion to hear how innovative leaders are continually upgrading to please their customers.

  • Jennifer Barrett, Editor-in-Chief @ Grow & Chief Education Officer, Acorns
  • Doug Nielson, SVP of Innovation, U.S. Bank
  • Vered Frank, Former Head of Bank and Lending Marketing, Charles Schwab
  • Natalie Tronkina, Managing Director, Cohn Reznick


Creativity & FinTech: Thriving in Non-Traditional Roles

MBAs, engineers, data analysts and financial advisors aren’t the only ones driving the success of financial services companies. Social media experts, designers, video producers and other creatives are also critical contributors to the success of companies both storied and startup. In this panel discussion, executives in creative roles, such as Evan English, VP, Product Design and Research, American Express, will discuss the opportunities and strategies for success, as well as lessons learned throughout their tenures working in the industry.

  • Obrea Poindexter, Partner, Morrison Foerster


Chair’s Closing Comments

  • Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer, MX
  • Sean Ruff, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP


Networking Cocktail Hour

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