Steve Hollingworth

CEO @ Grameen Foundation

Steve Hollingworth’s unflagging commitment through 30 years of work in international development has been to ensure that the delivery of financial services benefits the world’s poorest people and fulfills its promise of alleviating poverty. Grameen Foundation follows the legacy of the Grameen Bank and Prof. Mohammed Yunus providing financial services to the poorest in the world. Grameen focuses on financial services for women, agricultural development and health. Mobile money platforms and digital data are used to optimize decision making and to expand financial inclusion.

Prior to joining The Grameen Foundation, Steve was President of Freedom from Hunger. Beginning in 2011, he focused that organization on the intersection of financial services and ending hunger through the empowerment of women in rural communities. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer for CARE, where he was instrumental in developing and implementing the organization-wide strategy and was responsible for direct-line management of global operations and programs. He has also held senior field positions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, building collaboration between practitioners, technical assistance providers, donors and government agencies.

Steve has an M.S. in Economics, Development Studies, from Victoria University of Manchester, in Manchester, England. He enrolled there as a Rotarian Fellow, and his thesis analyzed the field of microcredit and the role of Grameen Bank. In that sense, Steve’s position as President and CEO of Grameen Foundation brings him full circle. Steve has a B.A. in Economics from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, not far from his home town of Elgin, Illinois.

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