Intrinio Delivers Affordable Access To Financial Data Sets

Video and article originally posted on RIA Channel. To view original post, click here.

Rachel Carpenter,  Co-Founder & CEO, Intrinio met with Julie Cooling, Founder & CEO, RIA Channel to discuss the launch of her company and its role in the RIA space.

Carpenter and her partner noticed that data was becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to access.  “We decided to create a new type of model for delivering financial data,” says the Co-Founder.  Intrinio, an a la carte style platform, allows users to pick and choose from over 300 types of financial data feeds. “You’re only paying for what you need,” explains Carpenter. Currently, the firm covers a million securities globally, as well as robust ETF data.

Rather than pushing ready-made platforms straight to advisors, the company primarily sells APIs to developers. Intrinio data feeds are being utilized in a range of apps, risk analytics and trading tools.  “We want to be the engine powering FinTech,” says Carpenter.


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